• Who are we and what is GeekyPrep all about?

    We are a group of Software Engineers with lot of experience in both interviewing and being interviewed by several top notch companies, both product based and service based. At GeekyPrep, we are redesigning the whole interview preparation experience for those who are working hard to get into the best companies around the globe. We are striving to make interview preparation more fun and engaging than ever. Also, we will soon be launching mobile apps for Android/iOS so that you can prepare for interviews while on the go.

  • How to prepare for interviews on GeekyPrep?

    After signup/login, you will be redirected to the Test arena tab, you can select the subject such as Java,C,Data Structures,SQL,Salesforce,Unix etc. and then select the topic you want to prepare in that subject. You will be taken to the preparation arena where you can click on Start and begin preparing by answering the questions. We will be showing you extensive statistics about your topic-wise as well as subject-wise progress so that you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses across subjects and topics. We will be introducing more subjects and more topics in the existing subjects with time.
    You can also read through the past interview experiences of users/contributors in various companies in the "Interview Experiences" tab. And also contribute your interview experiences and earn GeekyCoins.

  • Why does my score for a subject/topic change sometimes?

    If some question or its answer is found wrong, we remove that question from the database and adjust scores of all the users accordingly who answered that question(incorrectly/correctly).

  • What are GeekyCoins?

    GeekyCoins is the currency you can earn and then redeem on GeekyPrep in the form of goodies such as t-shirts, mugs, USB drives, power banks, sweatshirts, sippers and other cool stuff.

  • How to earn GeekyCoins?

    GeekyCoins can be earned by contributing content to GeekyPrep in the form of MCQs(Multple Choice Questions) or Interview Experiences or by referring friends to join GeekyPrep. The content will be reviewed by the website administrator before being inducted into the website and geekycoins will be awarded accordingly within 48 hours. They will range from 100 to 800 depending on the content of the question or the interview experience. Also, referrals from temporary/disposable emails are not allowed and will be nullified.

  • Are the GeekyPrep services free of cost?

    Currently, all the services of GeekyPrep are being offered free of cost. There is be a minimal subscription fee for ad-free services to keep our servers running.

  • How does GeekyPrep help HRs and recruiters?

    Recruiters face the problem of fake candidate profiles and fake skills on resumes on a regular basis. The candidates will be screened by the tests on GeekyPrep across various skills and programming languages. Hence they will be gauged on actual skills rather than what is written on the resume. We will then forward the contacts of the good performing profiles to recruiters and HRs depending on their required skill set.

  • How does GeekyPrep calculates the leaderboard rankings?

    Ranks are determined on the basis of GeekyPoints which is calculated by multiplying score with accuracy of a particular subject or topic, hence normalizing the score of the user. So a higher score person can be ranked lower than a lower score, if his/her accuracy is very less. Top 1000 ranks of each subject/topic are shown.

  • How to apply for jobs/referrals and post a job/referral?

    You can go to the jobs tab and select a company and position from the available openings and click on apply. If your resume is already in system, it will be applied else you will be asked to upload your resume in your profile page. You can also post jobs/referrals by clicking on "Post jobs/referrals" button and filling out the details.

  • Are the job poster details kept private on GeekyPrep?

    Yes, it is perfectly safe to post referral jobs on GeekyPrep if you have privacy concerns, since the recruiter email is not shown to the users, so there is completely privacy maintained. The poster of the job will get the resume of the applicant in his email, when the candidate applies.

  • How to delete my GeekyPrep account?

    For account deletion, drop a mail to contactus@geekyprep.com from the same registered email. The account along with all the data would be deleted in 2-3 days.

  • How to Contact GeekyPrep?

    For HR/business/affiliates enquiry, drop a mail to contactus@geekyprep.com. For technical support/feedback, drop a mail to support@geekyprep.com