GeekyPrep - Hub for Geeks. Join us, Prepare for Interviews, Get Hired!!

GeekyPrep - Hub for Geeks. Join us, Prepare for Interviews, Get Hired!!

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Prepare for interviews

We are redesigning the whole interview preparation experience. Gear up your interview preparations by practicing with MCQs(for C, C++, JAVA, SQL, DS, UNIX, PYTHON, JAVASCRIPT, SALESFORCE etc.), Puzzles, Design and HR questions at one single place.


Interview Experiences

Read through a lot of users-contributed interview experiences, segregated by companies and positions, to boost up your interview day preparation.


See your growth and rankings

We will be showing you extensive statistics about your accuracy, progress and your rankings among other users, so that you can evaluate your strengths and weaknesses.


Apply for jobs or referrals

Apply for jobs or referrals by filling up your profile and uploading your resume. Also, you can anonymously post a job or referral, if you have one in your company. Resume will be sent directly to your email whenever a candidate applies.


Contribute content

Submit your original content in the form of MCQs, Interview Experiences, Puzzles, Software design questions etc to help the community in preparing for interviews. GeekyCoins will be rewarded for your contributions, which can be redeemed.



GeekyCoins is the currency which can be redeemed in the form of goodies such as Tshirts, Sweatshirts, Hoodies, Mugs, USB Drives, Power banks, Sippers and other cool stuff. GeekyCoins can be earned by contributing content or by referring friends to join GeekyPrep.

We will soon be introducing more subjects and mobile apps for Android and iOS so that you can prepare on the move.
GeekyPrep is coming soon on Apple Store GeekyPrep is coming soon on Google Play Store
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Currently, all the services of GeekyPrep are being offered free of cost.

All services of are currently being offered for free. Join now!
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Geeks Speak

  • Very well designed and helpful. Keep up the good work.
    Alexander Goranov

    Alexander Goranov
  • Very helpful for interview preparations especially so many interview experiences to read from. :)
    Somya Mittal

    Somya Mittal
  • Very good experience in practicing questions on GeekyPrep. Also, very helpful for freshers in finding jobs.
    Abhijeet Kumar

    Abhijeet Kumar
  • Great website. Provided end to end interview preparation especially HR, Puzzles and Interview experiences.
    Kunal Dhanda

    Kunal Dhanda
  • Very helpful website. Specially i liked the interface. Keep it up :-)
    Sachidananda Sahu

    Sachidananda Sahu
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